Karenni * Poesie


A Child’s wonder

By: Rimond Tha Htoo
7th January, 2002

Tell me Mum,
Why we are called refugees,
And people give us food to eat?

Oh dear,
Cause we left our homeland,
And seek refuge in Thailand

Tell me Mum,
Who made us leave our homeland?
And instead live in Thailand?

My dear,
It’s Burmese military,
Who’re known as S P D C

Tell me Mum,
Are only we Karennis,
here as the refugees?

Oh dear no!
Not only we Karenni,
But Shan, Karen - oh so many!

Oh Mum,
Why do they (SPDC) treat us like this,
Don’t they know what Human Rights is?

Oh yes – dear,
But they’re heartless men,
And full of hatred in them.
Claimed them-selves ” Ashin-Thakhin”
All ethnic “ Akon-Thoak Thin”

Oh heavens !Mum,
Does the world know about that?
They’re (SPDC) abusing ethnic rights.

Oh my dear of-course they do,
But we are only ethnic,
They don’t value and respect,
Unless the profit they get.

Tell me Mum,
Does UN do the same?
To get profit and regain?

Shih! Shih! My dear,
You better ask directly
To your uncle Razali,
Ethnic rights or currency
Which one for him it should be.

Note: SPDC = Burma regime, State Peace and Development Council.
Ashin-Tha-Khin = Lord.
Akon Thoak-Thin = Wipe out, exterminate .
In the present time: Gambari can be placed in Razali










Wishes for the Year 2008
By: Rimond Tha Htoo
Karenni State 1st January,2008.

Spring passes, then comes the Summer,
Summer passes, comes the Autumn,
Next the Autumn, comes the Winter,
That's rotating of the Seasons,
So comes the end of the Year.

The Year Two Thousand Eight ,
The New Year has come to begin,
Will that be " Year " happy or sad,
Or the Peace and Joyfulness?

God save the queen, it was said,
But not to all people yet,
Cause people' re living in fear,
Their eyes are full of tear.

Who will go to stop them cry,
And keeping them full of joy,

US, EU, or UN,
Or The Powerful Veto Men
Those who're members of UN?

Let us sow the seed of Love,
To all directions on Earth,
And create the Joyful World,
Throughout this coming New Year.

Karenni * Poesie